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Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire - State of Georgia

Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire - State of Georgia, Two Martin Luther King Jr Dr SE, West Tower, Suite 704, Atlanta, GA, 30334, US



The updated checklist and revised state specific forms for your annual renewal package are now found in one packet, not individual documents. Please note that the annual renewal documents are now located exclusively on our website. The completed filing package should be uploaded to your account in the Company Portal.

The path for accessing the company portal is listed below:
Access our website at
· Hover your pointer over Regulatory Filings located at the top of the page.
· Select Company Licensing & Renewals
· Company Portal Login

All annual renewal packages must be uploaded as a single PDF which includes all forms and required attachments.

Payment Process for 2023

All 2023 Georgia Annual Company License Renewal Invoices should be paid via Sircon’s electronic payment portal ( This process enhances efficiency, reduces costs and improves customer service with the Department. You will be able to submit payment for all Company License Renewal invoices for your company in a single transaction through this service without having to pay each invoice separately. To use this service, you must be a Sircon account holder.

If you do not have a Sircon account, go to and follow the instructions to establish your Sircon account. If you already have a Sircon account, no action is required by you. Once your invoice is received, access to the State Invoice Payment Service for the Georgia Company License Renewals will be available.

Payments will be made through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) process using Vertafore’s Sircon Solution. Payments can be made with checking, savings, or corporate checking accounts. To submit these payments, the account must be authorized to accept ACH transactions.
Please note that Vertafore has a new ACH payment processor. We recommend notifying your bank immediately with the following information:

1. Sircon’s ACH ID is: 1841393599
2. Payment Processor: ePayPolicy

NOTE: Once your Sircon account is set up and your bank is notified of the above information, no additional set up is needed. If you have any questions regarding your Sircon account or this new payment service, please contact Sircon directly, or (877) 876-4430.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone at 404-807-0356 (Office), 404-807-0356 (Cell), or by email at if you have any questions or need additional information.

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